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Julia Harris

Julia’s work has been seen at the gallery before – mainly whimsical pictures of cows, hares, geese and sheep. But Julia’s work also includes some stunning landscapes, flowers and people. It’s like going to an exhibition of several artists.  

 “I like all styles of painting,” she says. “I don’t find it strange to change my subjects and style. My mood dictates what I paint, what medium I choose, what colours I use.”

Julia’s passion for painting comes through in her personality as well as her art. But it wasn’t always like this: although now in her late fifties, she only started painting seriously some five or six years ago. “I’ve always been artistic,” she says, “and went off to art college when I was just 15 to study fashion and design. My old art teacher at Cwmtawe Secondary School, Mr Griffiths, encouraged and inspired me and helped me enormously. But looking back I was too young, and my choice to do fashion and design was wrong. I did it because it was cool, but never used it.”

Living as she does in the Swansea valley, stunning landscape is all around her daily, with the changes in weather creating colour changes which are a gift to any artist. “A beautiful sunny sky can change to a thunderous slate grey in no time, and the mountains go from calm greeny blue to deep, all consuming purple, then as the sun pushes through again the landscape throws out shafts of orange, red, purple, dark blue and green. It’s breathtaking.”

 Julia’s work has been shown in several galleries all over Wales. One thing’s for sure: Julia’s energy and passion and love for the Welsh hills come through in all her works and conversation. “I want people to look at my work and feel the emotion in it. If I can create that sort of reaction in someone then I’ll feel I’ve achieved something rather special,” she says.