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Gary Griffiths      

The following are available from Oriel Tan yr Hall as Limited Edition prints:  

The exciting immediacy of painting in the medium of watercolour pushes you to paint in the moment and then holds you in suspense while the particles of pigment work out their place and space. I have no “theme” to my work and like to explore different styles. I aim to go with the unpredictability of the medium and uncertainty of the outcome, trying to restrain the urge to control too tightly. The process often starts with a specific idea and careful planning which then gives way to allowing things to go their own way: to have fun, learn from watching and accept the unpredictable.

I have no formal training in Art. Many years ago, my wife Jean bought me a watercolour painting as a gift - it fascinated me and eventually prompted me to have a go. I’d paint after work and after the children had gone to bed, often into the early hours of the morning. I’ve now retired to concentrate on painting.